For the launch of this website, we have opted not to launch our own forum, but instead link to some existing international forums.

We would welcome members input as to whether or not we should launch our own forum

The benefit of linking to these international forums is obvious – we are able to access and contribute to a much broader knowledge base than is possible here.

The downside is that these forums are narrow in their focus, eg The Haflinger ( is specific to the Haflinger, but many Steyr Puch enthusiasts own more than one type of vehicle (eg. Haflinger + Pinzgauer). Also, these forums would not be pleased to devote resources to ‘club chat’, although The Haflinger has kindly provided this club with a page of its own for that purpose.

So for the time being, any club gatherings, club related chat etc may be organised through. The Haflinger Club of Australia page of The site. Perhaps a Facebook page would work. Any suggestions to improve club communications can be emailed to

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