Parts Suppliers for the Haflinger

The following are suppliers of Haflinger parts. There are no longer and suppliers that we know of in Australia. However 3 parts suppliers in Europe. We have found all 3 to be suppliers of NOS and high-quality reproduction and after-market parts. The NOS stocks have recently been bolstered by parts released by the Austrian and Swiss militaries. The two Austrian suppliers will respond to emails in English. Between these 3 suppliers, there is not much that you cant get!

Links to Technical and Historic Information

The following are links to websites that provide a wealth of technical and historic information regarding the Haflinger. These are must-visit sites. The website run by Peter Farrer (Professor Pinz) in Melbourne was the first site many of us here in Australia found when looking for information on the Haflinger and Pinzgauer. This excellent website provides historic and technical information plus fascinating photos and videos of some past Australian treffens. Peter was a member of the original Haflinger Club of Australia.

The website of Graz engineer and avid Haflinger researcher Constantin Keisling is outstanding. This site tracks the historic development of the Haflingers and aims to present some of the historical details for each of the export countries. It is presented in both English and German, and has a detailed section on Halingers in Australia and use by the Australian Army. This site is being added to frequently, so worth re-visiting often. Watch it grow.

A terrific forum where the Australian Army Haflinger is often discussed is REMLR- Registry of Ex Military Land Rovers. The site associated with this forum also provides painstakingly researched information on the ARN (Army Registration Number), chassis and Engine number of all 50 Australian Army Haflinger and chassis numbers for the unique trailers for these vehicles. Further, researchers at REMLR have uncovered details of Puch RL125 and SR150 scooters used by the Australian Army. 

Where to See Haflingers in Australia

At present there are only a few places or events in Australia where there is a good chance you will come across a Haflinger or other Steyr-Puch vehicles. There is an ex-Australian Army Haflinger together with trailer on display at the Bandiana Army Museum near Albury NSW. Overall a very impressive collection to be enjoyed. An ex-Australian Army Haflinger or Pinzgauer usually also shows up each March at the Corowa Swim-In, the largest gathering of ex-military vehicles in the Southern Hemisphere. Also a Haflinger often appears at the Campbelltown Steam and Machinery Museum Field Days at Menangle (outer Sydney), which are held each May and October.